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Apache Wicket MarkupNotFoundException

If you’ve run in to the error: “org.apache.wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException: Can not determine Markup. Component is not yet connected to a parent” Searches online typically don’t yield very much. They tend to give the hint and reiterate what others have found: The HTML file is either misnamed, the resolving component fails to find the corresponding HTML file […]

Debugging/Depedency Issue with Maven

When debugging an application that involves a framework: If you debug into the framework code and the code and functions don’t match up in the debugger. You probably have a dependency issue. This is quite possibly caused by a sub-component that uses the framework you’re using, but it’s using the wrong framework version. When that […]

Apache Wicket [In Action]: A Review and How It Relates to the Java World

Java is a great tool for creating software. It is well designed, modular, has a wide array of platforms that it can run on, performs well, it’s very extendable, and it has a large community with lots of support. However, it’s support for websites and related services is severely lacking. It’s bad enough that frameworks […]

I’m a student, what [language, framework, API, concept] should I learn?

Part one of a continuing series. There are two ways to learn something. The first way is to learn from another’s advice [the easy way], and then there is the hard way [through experience and making mistakes]. When starting out in a Computer Science degree, learning the material and concepts will require a lot of […]