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Notes: Using Betamax in Grails (2.4.x)

Betamax is a great tool that records the output of a web service, and serializes the full request to a file. Once the request has been recorded, it can be played back in a test. This comes without any setup on your HTTP requests. This means that your system test no longer has a need […]

Things I’ve been Learning This Week (13 April 15)

Just as a quick summary of the things I’ve been up to this past week: Reading: The Last Girlfriend on Earth (Fiction) Grails In Action-  2nd Edition (Great book btw) [I’ve read the first one, and like it. I’m loving this edition as that it’s more recent and includes the new toys that the later […]

First Thoughts: “Coders at Work” by Peter Seibel

I’ve just started to read the book Coders At Work. The book is a nice, recent collection of interviews from many big name developers. I’ve read other developer interview books before, but this one sticks out in an unusual way: with most “interview” books, the interview is either completely boring or incredibly interesting. In Coders […]

Pastebin for HTTP Requests.

Have you ever had the need to verify an HTTP request? If so the tool “RequestBin” is the way to do it. It is the pastebin of HTTP Requests. When you use the site, it’ll give you a temporary custom URL to post whatever you need to, and it will display the contents when the […]

Apache Wicket [In Action]: A Review and How It Relates to the Java World

Java is a great tool for creating software. It is well designed, modular, has a wide array of platforms that it can run on, performs well, it’s very extendable, and it has a large community with lots of support. However, it’s support for websites and related services is severely lacking. It’s bad enough that frameworks […]

A Few Signs That Your Project May Be In Some Serious Trouble

Lack of leadership in developer operations A lack of reporting of improvements in code reuse, coverage, test cases, and stability. Underutilization of frameworks and libraries used within the project. Lack of disposable runtime environments [for development and testing]. Build times are unknown. Long and detailed documentation is required to build your product. Dead code is […]

The Pitfalls of Testing

For the most part, testing is a great thing that is a surefire way to improve software quality. However, I’ve found that there can be three minor pitfalls when it comes to testing. I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones that I’ve experienced. When running the tests, your current runtime environment is […]

Don’t trust your Technical Documentation Staff to write Quickstart guides and Tutorials, Hire a Professional.

This is written with an audience of producers of software products/services in mind. Please do not claim that your documentation, used to introduce a new user/developer, is good enough to make the user/consumer (developer) proficient in your technology. Producers of software products [the developers, and organizations] are great at writing references to their products, however […]

“Wanted Java Developer” could you be a little more ambiguous?

I have a bone to pick with the industry I associate with. The tech industry struggles to clearly define the expectations of whatever is desired. This is pretty much a universal issue with the industry. There are always hidden requirements. Job listings are no different. The bone I have to pick is with the titles/job […]

Review: “Test-Driven Development” by Kent Beck [The creator of JUnit]

It is always interesting to read a book about a technical topic from its creator. They tend to better identify the motivating factors and history that went into creating the product than other authors could possibly try. Kent Beck is the creator of JUnit, and happens to be the author of this book. The book […]