Update to NC – High Speed Rail

Link to the High Speed Rail Meeting in Raleigh 5 April 2011

An update on the High Speed Train’s bill. For those who read this blog, all 0.5 of you, will remember the letter I sent to Rep. Killian about attempts to block funding for high speed rail. I just thought I would post an update on proceedings in regards to this. The link included shows some of the debate going on. I was quite amused when Rep. Killian made this astounding claim: “Well of course the mayors are in favor of this, they benefit from it.” The amusing bit of this is that Killian unwittingly acknowledges that this service would be a benefit. Killian’s rhetoric implies that residents of Mecklinburg County would not benefit from this. This is counteracted by Rep Carney of Meckenburg, and Mayor Foxx (who rode to the meeting via Amtrak).