This is one elusive tool that has been bugging me for years. There are quite a lot of regular expression tools out there, and not all of them test the expression environment that you need. [Rarely is it ever mentioned which environment its testing for either]. Through the magic of google I’ve found a tool to test regular expressions in Java. Its RegExPlanet. The tool allows you to test regular expressions for the environments: Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, and Python.

For right now, all I can attest to is its ability to test regular expressions in Java. It goes beyond a simple regular expression match.

For Java Regular Expressions, It’ll show:

  • Group Counts

  • Individual Group Matches 

  • The Java String [to copy and paste directly into your code] (However, at the time of writing it does not allow you to enter the RegEx in the Java String format)

  • Replace First [if there is a replacement string]

  • Replace All [if there is a replacement string]

  • Simple Validation

From the looks of it, it also has a feature to save your previous expressions. That’s really cool! It’s practically the Fiddle [see jsFiddle] of Regular Expressions. It hints that it has the ability to save them to shortcodes (to share), but I have not tried that feature. Additionally, from the the looks of it; this is a new site. I would encourage developers to use this site.