Some of the Articles/Links/Video That I found Interesting in the Last Week

  • System Rebuild for Gentoo– This is the equivalent of formatting your computer and installing everything to the latest version. It will rebuild your dependencies and any new use flags that you may have added after the install.
  • SVN Status Codes– If you are dealing with the SVN command line client, this will explain some of the non-obvious status codes. [I.e. L and +]
  • Brute Force Hash Checker– This is an interesting attempt at speedily generating hashes [for the generation of rainbow tables] by using GPUs.
  • Torturing Interview Candidates: I’ve seen many of these techniques employed in interviews. I’m rather pleased that someone brought these to light.
  • How John Deer Uses R–  this was more of a presentation of a case study. However, it was quite interesting how some that is incredibly accessible is being used to benefit business decisions. I’ve done a few things with R, but its something I’d like to learn better.