Here is yet another installment of things I found interesting/learned this week.

  • Typically, when you group disks together there are two options for this: RAID and LVM. This only works if you have similarly sized disks. However, if you don’t have then you can group them together by using “JBOD” related services. JBOD = Just a bunch of disks. At the moment, the technology I’m learning is Greyhole. It looks really awesome for small home server setups.

  • Auditing your code base for dead/unused code can make a world of difference to your productivity and size of your executable. I do not have actual figures, but I can only assume that it would make class loading and loading of your executable faster.

  • Obvious statement: Math and comparisons with doubles is extremely aggravating. Two numbers can be displayed the same, but unequal when compared. Google’s Guava collection handles this in DoubleMath. The class was introduced in version 13.

  • Need a list of locale-friendly holidays for your Java application? There’s an open source library for that: JollyDay. 

  • BoardingArea found that it is to pull your basic marketing profile from Delta. This didn’t work for me, I can only assume that the data end point has been fixed.