A while ago, Tim Ferris was asked how he was able to accomplish the task of writing books of considerable length. The advice that he was given was: Write 2-3 sentences every day. I cannot recall who was the interviewer or the advisor. Note to the reader: It is possible to find this video on the internet, but I have no idea where it is. More help: It was after the 4 Hour Chef was released. This is great advice and has helped me. I have difficulty writing at times. When I’m faced with a large writing task I tend to become unmotivated. Writing two sentences is an easily accomplished task, reduces stress, and creates very manageable goals. This becomes incredibly helpful for when you are passionate about the subject, but your motivation for writing is lacking or your worry of getting your message across effectively is important. If you are extremely passionate about the subject I believe that you’ll find that after writing those two sentences your writing will transform into pages of text.

If only I knew this trick in college.

Additionally_ _I don’t find that this trick works 100% of the time, but the writing becomes much easier when you create a framework for what is to be written beforehand. This is also true with writing code.