These few items are a few things that I found a week or so ago, but I hadn’t had the time to post them:

  • If the Nvidia package has difficulty finding the version number for the kernel, which is an issue for 3.7 and higher then link the Versions.h file to /usr/src/linux/include/linux/.

  • If you have “AutoAddDevices” in your xorg.conf file, your mouse and keyboard may not be found when X starts up.

  • For Gentoo users and people who manually build their applications, if you get an error on the build, make sure you that you reduce the number of concurrent builds when searching for the error. This is a matter of reducing the argument -jXX to -j1. This will help you resolve an issue where groupware_dav in the KDEPIM-runtime package fails to build. The solution to that issue: The build was having an issue with a libsasl library, and required for a revdep-rebuild.

  • For those who have an NVidia Optima: you may get an error that “Cannot load glx on :0.” This causes for the graphics performance to be less than stellar, and for KDE Desktop Effects to not operate. To resolve this issue: Make sure that the Intel/Mesa graphics driver is reinstalled and to switch the default OpenGL reference to be Xorg-server rather than NVidia. [Use the “eselect opengl set “ command to accomplish this] Setting the OpenGL setting will not affect Bumblebee’s OpenGL switching.