If you’ve read much of my blog, I tend to be a bit more critical rather than rewarding. It’s human nature, the negative emotions/experiences tend to be amplified more than the positive ones. However, I feel that I must mention my experience with the Logitech wireless mice. I first bought a Bluetooth wireless mouse and I had a horrible experience with it. The battery would last 1-2 weeks at most. However, a friend of mine owned a m325 [which has its own custom wireless protocol and adaptor]. From my experience, I have never had to change the battery that comes with the mouse, and it’s been nearly a year now.

Recently, I have moved and one of the USB micro adaptors broke. I bought a new mouse and found out another one of the mice got lost. [I previously had two] It turns out that the adaptors are easily reprogrammable with the “Logitech Unifying Connectors.” Although this software is for Windows/Mac only, this is slick. Additionally, you can program multiple keyboards and mice to one adaptor.