If you’ve ever had to use the sleep method you know how “painful” (well a minor annoyance) it is to convert the amount of minutes/hours/days into milliseconds. Well to make this easier, you can use google to do the conversion for you. Granted this is a rather minor thin in the grand scheme of development but it is rather nice to see Thread.sleep(604800000) and then be able to quickly get the answer of 7 days. (Rather than dividing that by 100060606024) To convert the milliseconds, search google with the phrase: “604800000 milliseconds to days” (or hours, etc). You can also reverse the statement to get the amount of milliseconds in a new unit of time. (For example: “5 hours to milliseconds”).

Word of warning: I would never advise another developer to use Sleep for anything longer than a minute or so. The numbers used above were just as an example.