Just as a quick summary of the things I’ve been up to this past week:

  1. Reading:
1. The Last Girlfriend on Earth (Fiction)

2. Grails In Action-  2nd Edition (Great book btw) [I've read the first one, and like it. I'm loving this edition as that it's more recent and includes the new toys that the later Grails and Groovy editions offer you]

3. Soft Skills (Also a great book)
  1. paramValidFields within generated Grails tests is meant as something you’re supposed to implement yourself. (This intended to create params that are valid.)

  2. The Fixture’s plugin for Grails has a few quirks

1. All of the fixtures, unlike in Ruby with the equivalent, are based on a DSL in Groovy (so you have more Groovy files in your projects, and those are compiled in)

2. The Fixture's plugin intentionally tries to create valid domain objects (based on your set attributes)
  1. The fairly ubiquitous class Expando is something you can use yourself. It basically allows for you to dynamically define and expand your class (as you would with Python or Ruby)

  2. DropWizard: This has been a little bit of a challenge to get setup and working. However from the looks of it, it doesn’t look too bad.

  3. Chipotle isn’t horrible, its also not horrible. (I’ve been a bit resistant as that it’s a chain and is owned by McDonalds).  On that front I’m still waiting for Nandos to come to Chicago.

  4. How to use a Mac. As a linux person: it’s disappointed me quiet a bit> It’s ridged, not so user friendly, for my purposes, and it has some strong unforgiving opinions about how you’re to use a computer. Would I buy one? Nope.

  5. Using Hibernate via the JPA Annotations (I’ve always depended on the HBM and the Generation afforded).