I’m asking for your help. (About this Summer)

The Youtube Casey Neistat inspired me with his recent video on the beginning of Summer.

This made me think. How can I make this summer the best that I have ever had.

A quick list for me came up to:

  1. Go out swimming in Lake Michigan (I haven’t done that in the last 4 years that I’ve been here)
  2. Rent a Jet Ski
  3. Visit a state that I haven’t yet. (Michigan will probably be it)
  4. Fly to somewhere new (I’m tempted to come out to Austin)
  5. The x-effect with meditation (Maybe?)
  6. Grill out an absurd amount.
  7. ….

But here is the challenge that I’m putting out there for everyone reading. What are some things that I could do to make this summer the best ever?

Please leave the comments below.

2 thoughts on “I’m asking for your help. (About this Summer)”

  1. Michigan’s a great state – and you should visit, but I wouldn’t count that as a checkmark next to #3 since you live two hours from Niles (of course, going to Detroit for a Tigers game could be cool)

    Go to Colorado and see Pikes Peak. Or Salt Lake City and see Temple Square, head down to Sundance and eat at Foundry Grille. Or go see Mt St Helens. Or Vermont. Or Prince Edward Island. Or Montreal.

    Go somewhere that takes a bit going to get to!

    Where ever you go, only take a camera (could be your cell phone) and some books. Don’t bring any other electronics.

    As for #7 … in follow-up/expansion of the last line: leave your cell phone home as much as you can. I just about wish I had a flip phone again – just to avoid all the inevitable distractions that come with smartphones (and then a tablet with LTE + wifi access for games, email, social media, etc)

    Buy a projector and have outdoor movie nights (with movies random passersby shouldn’t overly offended at (I’d skip playing Cannibal Holocaust or Showgirls outdoors, for example)). This ties nicely into grilling an absurd amount of food, too.

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