After seeing this recipe from KetoFocus and watching the video (down below), I found it rather interesting to try this.

Pics first

Peanut butter pie, keto edition


The recipe does a serving size of 12 slices, but that’s kind of difficult with a 9 inch pie pan. I think 8 is more reasonable.

So scaling up that recipe:

  • Net carbs: 8g
  • Protein: 14g

Those numbers were scaled up from 12/8 [or 1.5] times the numbers given from the site.

Techniques used

  • Fluffing up a solid filling to make it more airy and lighter. I’ve done this with marshmellows and some keto breads (The breads were with egg whites)
  • Making whipped cream (well this uses quite a bit.)

Tools used to speed this up

  • Kitchen aid stand mixer (This did all the work for the whipped cream, and the pie filling mix)
  • Spice/Coffee grinder
  • A good food processor (mixing the crust is made easier)


Right now it’s chilling in the fridge before it can be eaten. I may top it with some chocolate drippings (bakers chocolate + coconut oil).

The filling is good, and I know the whipped cream is good. This is very unlikely to turn bad. (It doesn’t have to be cooked after making it)

Video of how to make it (From the author)