If you’re one of the 0.001 people that read this blog very religiously. (Given that it’s been mostly dead for the last few years, probably that number approaches 0) You’ll notice that the blog may look different. Well a lot has changed underneath the covers.

I switched from Wordpress to Jekyll.

Why a static page generator?

Well I don’t really need the full features of the Wordpress platform.

WP Annoyance it feels that you have to forcefully upgrade Wordpress on a very frequent basis. Otherwise, you’ll get hacked, spam other machines, and your hosting company will shut you down.

Performance It’s hard to beat static file serving.

Security It’s static files. Something happens, refresh those from the source and you’re good. Theres nothing really you need to protect against. (Other than the server hosting the files.)

Portability Well I would like to work on blog content while flying or on the train. With WordPress you have to be connected to the internet. With Jekyll, as long as I have an up to date copy of the GIT repo. I’m good to go. Create, commit, and push when I get an internet connection. Yay.

What do I miss about WP?

I liked having a fully featured editor. There may be alternative solutions for Jekyll, we’ll see.

Also, it seems that scheduling posts isn’t something that is easy to do with Jekyll, but there are a few alternatives. I’ll look into those later.

But my comments

The comments were fairly old and I wasn’t sure that it would have a high level of value to keep those arround. So I switched to using Github discussions. Since most of the audience here is technically savy, I ended up going with a client side version that uses Github discussions as the basis of storing new comments.

But why not Hugo? I mean Go “speed?”

I decided against Hugo due to the reviews stating that the templating language in Jekyll was stronger.

The main complaints against Jekyll were due to performance when you hit 10k+ pages. I don’t think that’ll be an issue with this blog.

What do you plan to do with this?

Well my main site isn’t very active and it’s mostly based on XML/XSLT. I think I will incorporate everything there into the blog, and make the entire site abit more consistent.

New content?!

Hopefully. One of the goals of changing the blogging system was to make

New content I may write about due to recent interests include:

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