Privacy Activists, Rejoice! ZeoDecoderViewer is in alpha!

Privacy Activists, Rejoice! ZeoDecoderViewer is in alpha!.

As many of my acquaintances know, I am typically very skeptical of corporations. However, there occasionally comes a company or so that stands out. I believe that this is one of them.  Recently, I have purchased a Zeo. I’m quite pleased with it, and I am even more pleased to see the additional “value” added to the product. This software could have easily been dismissed at a company meeting for being something that doesn’t directly bring value to the device, or serve the immediate customers, or future customers. Additionally the software could have easily been released as a downloadable application that one could not change the source. To me this gives Zeo more credibility as a business.

For those who are interested in purchasing a Zeo or reading more click here. Yes this is a commision based link, but it does give you a $15 discount and free shipping.

What’s to come

This page is more of an page to say what’s to come on this blog.

Some of the things I’ve got queued up to write for this blog:

  1. Lots of reviews (Tea, Books, Sites)
  2. Musings and rants (this is a blog)
  3. Software reviews
  4. Interesting Software Engineering Tidbits
  5. I’ll try to minimize this as much as possible, but some political related observations..

Lastly, I intend on reviewing the “Zeo Sleep Monitor”

fist psot!

The fist post [Antarctican for first post]


This is the first post of this blog, so don’t be disappointed with the lack of content or substance to this post. This blog is intended to be a collection of some of the interesting things that I’ve come across, read about, or are currently investigating. This blog may include “neat tips/tricks”, book reviews, progress in skill acquisition [I will get to this more in the blog].

If you wish to add something to this blog, write for this blog, or make constructive criticisms, do not hesitate to make a comment. Spam, and nonconstructive criticisms will be ignored, and fed to my pet alligator.