Games that you can play over Zoom/Remotely

Due to the social distancing orders. We’re now not expected to gather. This makes it harder to play games.

  • Jackbox Games – These are games that are played by sharing a screen and each player uses their mobile to complete actions within the game. (This is the go-to set of games for hosting) Video conferencing is used to show the game direction. There are many game types in the bundles. My favorite is TKO. Where to acquire:
  • Spyfall- This is a deduction game, similar to Clue, where you’re responsible for finding out who is the spy and the spy is responsible for finding out where everyone is. Video conferencing is used for the discussion of the game. Source: also Netgames
  • Secret Hitler- This is a good vs bad teams based game in which there are different abilities and you have to call out the bad team. Video conferencing is used for the discussion portion of the game. Netgames and
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf- This is a game of accusations and avoidance of werewolves. This is the moderator’s less version of the game. The video conferencing system is used for the discussion and accusation of the roles. Netgames
  • Love Letter- This is a game of role/classes, strategic interference, and abilities. It’s a quick learning game where strategy puts you to an advantage. Video conferencing is used for interaction in the game. Netgames, Board Games Arena Steam/Multiplayer Online
  • Ticket to Ride- This is a board game where you’re trying to build the greatest empire via valuable routes. The android and steam version of this allows you to play online. This is also a pass and play game if you’re playing with a lot of people in the same room. Google Play / Apple Store
  • Trivia – This is a little harder to play since it requires a moderator and keeping score. At the moment none of the video conferencing options allow you to have breakout teams that allow you to escalate a message to the top. Until then you’ll have to play one player/room as a team. Also there’s no guarantee that people won’t cheat. I would suggest buying: University Games

Have other games that would qualify for this? Please leave it in the comments down below.