Apache Wicket MarkupNotFoundException

If you’ve run in to the error:

org.apache.wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException: Can not determine Markup. Component is not yet connected to a parent”

Searches online typically don’t yield very much. They tend to give the hint and reiterate what others have found: The HTML file is either misnamed, the resolving component fails to find the corresponding HTML file to the Wicket java class, or that the HTML files are not included in the WAR.
They don’t offer very many solutions. However in my situation, using Maven, the issue was resolved by including resources reference in the build section:


Debugging/Depedency Issue with Maven

When debugging an application that involves a framework: If you debug into the framework code and the code and functions don’t match up in the debugger. You probably have a dependency issue. This is quite possibly caused by a sub-component that uses the framework you’re using, but it’s using the wrong framework version. When that happens the wrong framework version may be used at runtime.

Also to note: When using the WicketStuff library, the newer libraries have an artifiactId of wicketstuff-*. If you are using a wicketstuff component without the wicketstuff– prefix, then it will limit you to using 1.4.2.

Things I would like to Learn/Experience/Improve-Upon This Year [2013]

Since this is the time of the year that many making resolutions relating to self improvement, here are a few of mine:

  1. Finally get around to learning GridGain.   [I would love to see a well published book, or at least a Kindle eBook to get some headway on this] HazelCast would also be interesting, but GridGain has more of what I’m looking for.
  2. Finish the massive tomb that is “Groovy In Action”
  3. Finally understand how network routing works.
  4. Get more experience with DNS, and DNS tools
  5. Master NMap [not just learn the basic uses of it, but to really excel with the tool] This would be similar with the reading up on SSH I did last year.
  6. Get up to conversational level German. [Living outside of German speaking nations makes this incredibly difficult]
  7. Finally develop some strong time management habits.
  8. Learn how to use Python [to the point where you can do some cool stuff with it]
  9. Learn R [rather than haphazardly hack]
  10. Meet/talk with some of the gurus of airfare scheduling/decoding, and the famous Tom Stuker.
  11. Learn how to use GraphViz [This is one of the odd ones here, but it’s interesting]
  12. Get better with Erlang and to find/make real world uses.
  13. Learn/Create a GUI in Apache Pivot, and a web interface with either Stripes and/or Wicket.

How am I planning to accomplish these things? Having goals, and putting them on my task list.

Currently, I am reading up on Maven, and Groovy. I read a book on GIT, and got some practice w. A review of the strengths and weaknesses may be coming up in a later post on this blog.

To the 1.5 readers left reading this blog: What are your goals for the New Year? Leave the response as a blog post linking back to this post or in the comments below.