It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post like this.

However, I’ve been busy and I have a few things to show for it:

Exciting Meetups Attended:

Projects That I’ve been working on:


* [Scala99](

  * This is a few of my attempts at the [Scala 99 practice problems.](

* [Temperature Sensor Data Generator](

  * This is a utility project that will generate a series of data from sensors that closely resemble a day's change in temperature.

  * This is to generate a large enough dataset to really demonstrate large-scale distributed processing

* [CQRS Framework](

  * An extendable framework used to track events throughout a data object's lifespan.

  * Using Shapeless

  * Currently on hold until I can fully wrap my head arround Shapeless

* [Sample Akka-HTTP Based Application for Inventory Pricing](

  * This is a sample Akka HTTP Based application that responds to Time based requests for inventory.

  * Akka HTTP was a bit irritating to setup the routing.

Technologies I’m Learning Right Now

  • Apache Spark

  • The Play Web Framework

  • Amazon RedShift

  • Shapeless

Books Read:

Things I’ve Mastered/Dealt with Cooking

  • Sous Viding

    • Experimented with Octopus (They were a bit too small to get right, and this was done with Sous Viding)

    • The Perfect Steak and Crust on the outside

    • Dry Aging Ribeye Steaks

  • Keto

    • Lemon Bars

    • Tirmasu Fudge

    • I’m very close to making a stock

Books I’m Currently Reading

Topics I want to learn/read about

  • Optaplanner

  • More with IOT

    • I had a chance to work with a Seed WIO wifi based IOT board

    • I bought a Nano PI from FriendlyElec.

  • Cassandra

  • ElasticSearch

  • Going further indepth with Kafka

  • Akka Typed